PHOTOS: Somali desserts in context

My home state, Minnesota, has a surprisingly expansive food scene that is due specifically to the presence of immigrants from all over the globe. One of the largest immigrant populations in Minnesota consists of Somali people living primarily in Minneapolis, the largest city in the state. Over break, I was fortunate enough to visit some Somali restaurants and document my experience. Somali cuisine is diverse and borrows from its Arab and African neighboring countries. The sweets in particular are distinct but show characteristics of the cuisine of other countries.

The photos below were taken at Daalo Somali restaurant in Minneapolis.

Somali cake is known as doolsho. It’s a thicker spongecake that is almost always served whole with chai.
Characteristically East African, Somali xanjeero is similar to Ethiopian and Eritrean injera but with a sweeter and lighter consistency.

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